Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The mysterious Barbara King Nude Model

No, its not he latest Ford but I cant seem to find out much other than she is US born.
With the increase of readers to this site there must be someone whom has a brief bio.
So here are some pictures this may jolt your memory of Barbara King US Pinup and erotic model.


  1. I think I found Barbara Colin!
    There is a Barbara King who is a member of the Mighty Mustang Class of 1963. That is a class of the John Muir High School
    Pasadena California.
    The link will open a new window with the "Mustangs" starting with the letter K.

  2. And this is her portrait at that time!

  3. Thanks for that I will check it out and publish. Now I must get onto Janey Reynolds(frawley)
    I hope you enjoy the blog, its not only historical but is a lot of fun putting it together.
    Colin Jones