Monday, March 23, 2009

Althea Currier US Pinup Model 1960's

Born 1942 Woodland Maine USA, Althea Currier Moved to California as a dance instructor and worked for two years on the sunset strip. It was a layout in mens magazine Adam called twist party that launched her glamour and film career.
The Largo strip club owner by Chuck Landis discovered her first which then was the launch pad for her nude modeling work and she appeared in many magazines in the mid 1960's. Adam magazine between 64-67 had her feature on a regular advice column.

B grade movies too showed a moderate acting talent and Althea appeared in many directed by Peter Perry and Russ Meyer from 1961-1967.

Erotica 1961
Mr Petes pets 1962
Heavenly bodies 1963
Knockers up 1963
Everybody love it 1964
Kiss me quick 1964
Sinderellla and the Golden Bra 1964
The girls on F street 1966

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