Monday, March 30, 2009

1920s Erotica

The 1920s was the beginning of a new wave of erotica. Poses changed as did the photographic quality. Many erotic photographers by this time was experimenting into what they thought was market acceptance. This was also the height of the erotic postcard.

Classic erotica every where.

There comes a time when we just post some snaps just for the love of it.Erotica takes many forms some on moral boundaries, but in saying that art is in the eye of the viewer and these classic erotica shots may prove that.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Vintage vintage erotica

1890-1920 erotica was mysterious and erotic. Various erotic scenes were played out on film from simple to complex scenes. It didn't have to show much and good photographers captured this beautifully.

Erotic Kitchen

We often think of the bedroom or even the patio for more the outdoor feel. However classic vintage erotica has no boundaries. Where you find a pretty girl is where you will find a snapshot of erotic proportions.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Erotica and shoes. leather I hope.!

Shoes maketh thy woman, Like stockings but lesser photographed, shoes and boots of all styles have graced the walls of many a pinup and erotica fancier.Unlike stockings shoes change the total dynamics of the image. Try and imagine the image without shoes? If shoes are your thing that would be impossible.

Erotica and Stockings

I could just fill up every post with erotica dedicated to stockings. The most photographed of any post 1940's erotica.At work at home it just doesn't matter where the stocking shots are done. Check previous posts and look for more to come.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Althea Currier US Pinup Model 1960's

Born 1942 Woodland Maine USA, Althea Currier Moved to California as a dance instructor and worked for two years on the sunset strip. It was a layout in mens magazine Adam called twist party that launched her glamour and film career.
The Largo strip club owner by Chuck Landis discovered her first which then was the launch pad for her nude modeling work and she appeared in many magazines in the mid 1960's. Adam magazine between 64-67 had her feature on a regular advice column.

B grade movies too showed a moderate acting talent and Althea appeared in many directed by Peter Perry and Russ Meyer from 1961-1967.

Erotica 1961
Mr Petes pets 1962
Heavenly bodies 1963
Knockers up 1963
Everybody love it 1964
Kiss me quick 1964
Sinderellla and the Golden Bra 1964
The girls on F street 1966

1920's vintage erotica

The 1920' was the beginning of the new. Photography had now become part of everyday life although still a expensive hobby.The glamor of Hollywood and the classic silent movies made many a young girl aspire for greatness in the world of stardom and glamor. Many of these hopefuls posed for glamor erotic photography. Popular models became big salary earners.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

By the Pool Erotica

Warm nights, dry martinis, Hollywood hills, party time, and a swimming pool. Doesn't everyone have one?. The swimming pool was the place to be noticed and what better to get naked bodies around and photograph.

Sally Dixon UK pin up Girl

Time again to try and track down this 50-60 pinup princess. UK Based and UK bred Sally Dixon might just ring a few bells. Let us know refer to comments

Girls Just wanna have fun

Erotica would not be the same without the group shot, yes the girls just doing what girls do just having a fun time. Seriously during the 50's it was cheaper for studios to do group shots. It saved studio time and printing costs and it all served the same purpose when promoting models for photography work.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

More Vintage erotica late 19th Century

It was sexy, slinky and erotic. The masterminds of props and creating theater in a photo was the point of difference that set this form of erotica apart from modern era classic erotica.Lighting and props surrounded the model in a very interesting way. Keep in mind too that any idea was a new one back then.He are just some of that collection