Thursday, February 5, 2009

Stockings, nylons and legal tender currency!!

Would you consider nylons to be legal tender. During world war 2 that exactly what they became. A rare commodity in any language in a war ravaged zone.
But their history goes back just a way to 1935 when the modern day nylons were invented.

The launch for this product in May 1940 in New York. had sales figures into the 780,000 mark. Thats erotic just on those figures. The US had a sensual appetite for them and in the first year sales in the US stood at over 64 million.
Instant erotica in most languages of marketers, during the war with the lack of product woman took to drawing the traditional seam on the back of their legs for effect.

We must remember too, that at this time was the first time that it was fashionable for woman to actually show their legs.

The rest is history with erotic photography then focusing on the on or sometime nearly on of this great product of the 20th century.

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