Saturday, February 21, 2009

The French post card..

Could this be the original French letter. This goes way way back in the history of erotica.
The French pioneered erotic photography, producing nude postcards that became the subject of an officer's letter to President Abraham Lincoln after they were found in the possession of U.S. troops, according to "An Underground Education" by Richard Zacks. "A Brief History of Postcards" explains, "A majority of the French nude postcards were called postcards because of the size. They were never meant to be postally sent. It was illegal".

Instead, nudes were marketed in a monthly magazine called the "La Beaute" that targeted artists looking for poses. Each issue contained 75 nude images which could be ordered by mail, in the form of postcards, hand-tinted or sepia toned. Street dealers, tobacco shops, and a variety of other vendors bought the photographs for resale to American tourists.

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