Friday, January 30, 2009

Lily Damita

Star of the 1920s and went on to marry Erroll Flynn Lily was a classic photograph model of the era.

The French actress Lily Damita was born as Lilliane Carré. She made her film debut for the French silent movies "La voyante" (23) and "Une femme dans la nuit" (24) before she went to Germany where she appeared in the movies "Das Spielzeug von Paris" (25), "Man spielt nicht mit der Liebe" (26) and "Fiaker Nr. 13" (26).
However her true career began only at the end of the 20's when the sound film arised in the USA and she was able to gain a foothold with some roles. Among others she played in the movies "The Rescue" (29), "Scandal in Paris" (29), "Fighting Caravans" (31) at Gary Cooper's side and "Brewster's Millions" (35).

In 1935 she got married with the up-and coming actor Errol Flynn, the marriage was dissolved again in 1942.

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